Kittens are one of the most beloved animals on the planet. Their playful antics and innate ability to behave like cats can make them a lot of joy. Do you wonder if your kitten behaves abnormally or is it hyper?

It can be hard to tell the difference. normal cat behavior We all know that cats can be very strange and exhibit unusual behavior. This can lead to anxiety for kitten owners, especially first-timers. Here are eight signs that your kitten might be hyper.

These are 8 reasons why your kitten is hyper


1. Instinct

Although cats are natural predators, they don’t know what to do. Although their instincts drive their behavior, kittens still need to learn how to hunt. Even indoor kittens may not need hunting skills. Therefore, toys that mimic prey and help develop hunting skills are a good idea.

2. Social Development

As with all mammals, kittens require guidance and time to learn social skills. Their mother and littermates are usually there to help them, but kittens who were taken too soon from their mother or kittens who have just left their mother might need additional training.

Social development in kittens helps them not to scratch or bite other animals unless threatened. It also allows for normal interaction with other cats, which will not result in a fight. These skills will make it easier for your kitten to not bite or scratch you while playing.

3. Energy

Kittens are energetic and young! Kittens love to play and run, and sometimes they need to get some energy out. Kittens and cats sleep a lot so they can act hyper during their awake hours to use up the energy they have accumulated in slumber.

4. Fun

Sometimes your kitten might just want to have fun. Play is often about learning new skills. However, it can be as much fun to watch kittens flip and wrestle as it is for you. Some kittens will choose their favorite toys and activities. This is a sign that some of their hyper behavior may be just for fun.

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5. Boredom

You may notice that your kitten is hyper often. You should evaluate how much time your kitten spends playing with you and what toys they have. Interactive toys are a great way to keep your kitten entertained while you work remotely or have other responsibilities. It will keep your kitten happy by providing new toys every day.

Kittens can be anxious or fearful when they are introduced to unfamiliar environments, animals, people, or places. Did something happen before your kitten suddenly becomes hyper? Is it possible that your kitten saw a dog or heard a new sound in the house before becoming hyper? Hyperactivity from fear or anxiety will usually pass quickly and your kitten will find a safe place to hide until it feels secure again. Slowly introduce new things to your kitten and be patient as it adjusts.

7. Overstimulation

Your kitten could be suffering from overstimulation if it suddenly runs around the room, bites, or scratches you unassisted while you pet it. Petting-induced overstimulation is a condition in which cats react quickly to stimuli.

Watch out for your kitten’s sudden aggression and bolting out of the room when you’re petting it. Are you noticing a twitching in your kitten’s legs? Are its tails flapping? Is it twitching its tail or dragging its ears back and forth quickly? Avoid scratching or petting the area at the base of your tail to reduce overstimulation. This area is home to a lot of nerve endings, and cats are very sensitive.

8. The Zoomies

You may notice your kitten become hyper suddenly. Your kitten may suddenly become hyper and run around the house in a frenzied fashion. This could be the zoomies.

There is no explanation for why cats have zoomies, but many cats experience them after using the litter box. After a long day of sleep, kittens and cats may experience the zoomies at night. There is nothing to worry about as long as your kitten has a safe space where it won’t get hurt during the zoomies.

In conclusion

There are many reasons kittens or cats might be hyper. Kittens require stimulation, play, toys, and a safe place to rest. If your kitten is acting strangely, you can call your vet to ask questions. The vets will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you identify the problem before it becomes more serious or dangerous.

Take care of your kitten while it is still a playful kitten. You will soon see your kitten become a playful cat. So, take care of your kitten and enjoy many happy years together.

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