You have likely noticed many odd things about your cat as a pet owner. One of them is the way that they stick their nose in the air when you scratch. You may have noticed that your cat is acting strangely when scratching you. If so, keep reading. We’ll discuss the possible reasons why your cat is raising its butt.

These are the 4 Reasons Cats Scratch Their Butts

1. They’re enjoying it

Your cat may raise its butt when you touch the base of your tail. This is most likely because it likes to scratch. The nerves can be brought closer to the surface by raising the butt, which makes it easier to hit the target. You don’t have to chase them, as cats will tend to stay still when doing this. The raised butt can also be a sign that cats enjoy purring.

2. Your Cat is in Heat

There is a good possibility that your cat is going to heat if you have not spayed her female cat. While a cat in heat will almost always produce a litter, leaving your cat outside at this point is unlikely to cause any serious damage to your home. In the heat, a female cat will cover all surfaces with urine and may even claw at furniture.

3. Instinct

During their first days, kittens depend on their mothers for everything including grooming. A kitten can make it easier for mom to clean their litter by lifting its butt up in the air. This makes it easier for moms to clean them and reduces the likelihood of them reverting to their old behavior. It may feel like your mother tongue when you were small and engaged in similar behavior.

4. Communication

The Anal glands in cats produce powerful pheromones which allow cats to communicate with one another. You have probably seen cats sniff each other’s butts when they are friendly.

It is possible that your cat will raise its head towards you as a way to say hello and invite you to have a look.

My Cat Doesn’t Lift Their Butt

There is no reason to worry if your cat doesn’t raise its butts or raises them only a little. Every cat is different, so there will be cats who don’t raise their tummies when you pet them.

Some cats will go to extreme lengths to prevent you from petting them. They may even live their whole lives this way. After getting used to you, some cats might be more relaxed and let you pet them. You may even see their bared smirks when they feel comfortable.

What if scratching my cat’s butt feels painful?

We recommend that you take your cat to the vet if it is experiencing pain when you scratch its base. Your cat may feel pain in this area due to kidney disease, kidney disease, impacted and/or spinal problems, skin allergies, or kidney disease.

If your cat has been scratching this area for a while, it’s more likely that it is a medical condition. Early diagnosis is key to getting your cat back to health.


We can’t ask our pets to explain why they behave as they do. So we have to make educated guesses. We believe that the main reason your cat raises his or her butt to show you it likes what you do is that it enjoys doing it.

This could be an old habit, or it may just be expecting you to smell its butt. However, cats rarely get into this position for cats who regularly sniff their butts. Cats rarely get in this position, with their fronts close to the ground and their butt up in the air. They scratch the carpet to feel better.

We hope that you enjoyed the guide and it answered your questions. We hope you found this guide helpful and that it helped you to understand your cat.

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